How it works

You have extra personally owned gear.  You bring it in to the store during the week from 10-2.  You sign a statement confirming this is your personally owned equipment.  Our manager assesses the gear and gives you cash or 20% more in store credit.

What we accept

All final decisions are up to the manager.  The gear needs to be clean and serviceable.  We accept field gear, uniforms and boots provided they are (again) clean and serviceable.  If you have questions about an item just give a call or swing by.

What we don't accept

We don't accept:

  • Gear that is not yours.  This includes issued items on a hand receipt.
  • Used camelbak bladders
  • Ripped, muddy, dirty uniforms
  • Muddy or un-serviceable boots
  • Dirty, un-serviceable equipment