What We Do

We're your one stop shop for everything tactical.  Going to Ranger School?  Get your packing list here.  Need a uniform sewn?  We'll take care of you.  Have extra gear you need to sell?  Come check us out.  We serve you.



Got promoted and need new rank?  Need a bunch of nametapes for Ranger School?  Need engineer tape on your uniform for selection?  We'll help you out at a reasonable price with a great turnaround - come in while our seamstress is working for while you wait service.


Buying Gear

We know sometimes you have extra gear you don't need or want.  Clear out that garage and turn it into cash!  Bring your clean, serviceable gear into the store anytime from 10-2 during the week and walk out with cash or store credit.  Please see below for more information.

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Schools and Training Events

Whether you're tackling Air Assault or JOTC on the island, heading to Camp Darby, or finishing ALC we know and stock what you need.  Bring your packing list and take advantage of the only one stop shop on the island!